Sunday, April 24, 2011

and ichigo starts fighting again!

let's re-joice in seeing him in a shinigami like robe and being all bad ass again :D

by the way, mangastream is awesome. really nice work done by that page.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Letra para que alguien la haga cancion #1

Esta letra se ofrece en internet para que otra persona la haga cancion. Si ello ocurre, y se graba, quisiera ser reconocido como autor o co-autor de la letra.

Este es un "re-make" de un poema escrito en 1997 que por alguna razon puedo recordar muy facilmente. Incluso un dia desperte sabiendo un nuevo verso para el final, pero lo he olvidado. Si lo recuerdo, lo completare en este mismo post.

Trinan los pájaros, y pienso en ti.
Eres un fantasma que se cuelga en mis venas.
Desde lejos, tu presencia se ha impregnado aqui.
Sin saber el como ni el por que.
Ahora, mi alma esta en pena.

Monday, April 11, 2011

tensa zangetsu fansub

I like the work these guys are doing - specially since no one would fansub bleach after the crunchyroll thing. I specially love that I can play these episodes on my Samsung TV :D

did you know there are wolverine and x-men animes? now you do :)

April 11 - Juan Santamaría day

Costa Rica suffers from 2 things:

1) It's people are accustomed to not have to work very hard to get to a passable living. Thus, good is the enemy of great.
2) Our national pride is actually more anchored on soccer games than in improving our country. There are very, very few persons who actually want to elevate Costa Rica in terms of its virtues. There are economic and tourism elevating entities, but not value, honor or virtue.

We have not suffered many wars, and that is probably a good thing; the one we did suffer, at least with a neighboring country, was decided thanks in part to Juan Santamaría.

One thing my father in law jokes about is that the poor kid was the object of a prank, where after shouting the question "who will burn the enemy's fortress" everyone else took a step back and left him on the front. It could be.

Thing is, he still is remembered for having balls and getting the job done, and lots of times, that's how we recognize the great men.

google wealth tips

You know how everyone says "you can find everything on the internet". I have decided to take some time each night, open google and think about a topic I don't know (and I need or just seems interesting) and just read until I have an idea.

I googled 'wealth tips' and found many. The page I liked the most was this one:

Although there were others that were very good too, I liked that this one focused a bit on real estate and gave pointers to beginners, had personal finance and even finance tips for your company.