Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Team CloudCred tasks

I joined the team Learderboard vMotion in Cloudcred (www.cloudcredibility.com) and i'm now trying to get some team tasks done :D

Thankfully i've already located some of my teammates in twitter. However, trying to coordinate this many tasks on twitter takes a lot of tweets, so i'll combine the tweet with this blog post. This should be a bit easier for everyone, including other members that later join us :)

Our team's twitter handle list is here


The tasks that we can easily complete are

1) "tweet with your team members" - 5 players must do this

2) "follow three people on your team" - 5 players must do this

3) "get your team to follow you on twitter" - 5 players must do this

4) "use twitter to coordinate a task on CloudCred" - 5 players must do this