Thursday, April 29, 2010

bleach manga 414 delayed!

I haven't written about Bleach lately, mostly because of work, but both the manga and anime are at a great moment.

Manga: Ichigo is fighting Gin, who finally used his bankai. Isshin is fighting Aizen, who says until now understands the Hogyuku. However, when Aizen is starting to combine with the hogyuku, Urahara sends him a benihana cry and... this week is delayed :(

Anime: Ichigo and everyone's favorite arrancar start duking it out. Last time, Inoue saved Ichigo's ass deploying a very fast shield.

So... no manga this week. Damn Tite Kubo, he really has his timing...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hakuouki! (and its april fools troll)

Found a new series (mainly because Dattebayo is subbing it) called Hakuouki. It is pretty cool, and if you saw Rurouni Kenshin, you will remember the shinsengumi. I don´t like spoiling the story but I do recommend watching it.

Apparently, one of the first subs of chapter 1, made by chonmage, was used as an april fool´s joke - however I do recommend you watch it, even if its a troll! Especially after seeing the first two episodes from Dattebayo. I was laughing like crazy :D

Here is a link to see the troll! :D

new things for the house :D

so, since so much time has passed. wanted to give an update of the furnishing of our new home.

We got a used kenmore elite clothes dryer from my friend Manfred. Works like a charm and seems to have been a very good choice when he got it - king capacity, heavy duty sold me lol

An important addition to the house is a printer, and we got a HP C4680 from my friend Alvaro, who has been my go-to person when I need to buy hardware and software. He always makes a great deal for me and brings it to my house, I´ll leave you his e-mail, (his website is not up still).

And my girlfriend heard news a sister of one of her best friends was having a furniture sellout since they are moving into a new home. We managed to pick a small dining room set, a la-z-boy recliner (its heaven really) and a small, rotating couch for some good money.

Overall, our new home is starting to look like a very nice place now. We picked up a plastic shelving unit very similar to this one Gorilla Rack GR5-3012-5IMP 5-Shelf 30-by-12-by-60-Inch Shelving Unit, Black but its a Grossfillex MaximumUp48, which measures 48x70x16. This is for me to put all my junk on and separate it from my significant other´s but I wanted it to remain visible :D

Well, that´s all for now. We´re really looking for ward to get married in October :D

Hugo, my car :D

So! I´ve been out a bit and haven´t done my best updating the blog. This entry is for my car.

After a total of 470,000 (around $900) my new clutch was setup with no drips. All in all, this was suspension, brakes and clutch renewals for my car.

I finally passed Riteve! Those who know it, know that you can´t drive a car if it has not passed Riteve, and well, mine was due October and until now I finally got it :p This is Riteve site if you want to learn more.

Having a new clutch is definitely awesome. Its soft and the car accelerates better since there are less inefficiencies between motor and wheels.

Now, the bad side (as there always is - you would have thought it was the money!). My car alarm acted up after I had the chassis and motor washed, and we had to completely disconnect it. That means my car has no alarm, no remote central locking system, and whatever we did messed up the electrical part, because now I don´t have the navigation pane lights and my stereo doesn´t work.

I guess I´ll take it next Saturday and have all that repaired... also I think my battery is due for replacement since now the charge goes out easily (or it might be the same electrical problem).

In the end though, I still love my car. I find it very appropriate. It is not the best "family" car, since the back seat is not really comfortable, but for my girlfriend and me, it is very dependable and has accompanied us through a lot. Did I ever tell you its named Hugo?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

this is a nice blog!

operated by a costa rican, from what I can tell, in union with someone in colombia and san francisco, california.

You do really appreciate it when you are in a strange country and are looking for something that can only be found home. 3 of the things that I really have liked to find are miguelitos, sopa azteca and ceviche!

crap... some type of liquid is dropping from my car... and gardening!

its not from the radiator, doesn´t look like oil when compared to the one I can see from the thin metal indicator, but its definitely coming out :(

called super servicio, who are actually open on sundays, but they asked I wait until tomorrow... and that I better cancel riteve for this monday :(

We´ve decided to grow a small garden for basil, rosemary, coriander (or cilantro, don´t know which is the correct translation), and thyme :) I´ve just finished after prepping the soil, adding some quicklime and fertilizer. I tell you, cilantro has no consistency at all... I might need to start off the seeds for that one!

pulsar-x clutch ready and beautiful, my bb got wet, so how much does a corolla altezza cost

Saturday mid day we picked up the nissan and the new clutch is fun and I needed a bit to get used to it. the first time they changed the clutch cable, the gear kicked in at near floor bottom (and it was really uncomfortable) - now it kicks in almost at the last part of the pedal. it is fun though, since I feel like its a whole different car :)

sadly, my blackberry pearl fell into the sink in the night and got under the stream of water :( I dried as best as I could and it does turn on, but the keyboard is not responsive - I´ll go to work and pick up a small star shaped tool to try to do this :)

quoted the corolla altezza, and its only like $2K more expensive than the yaris. I´d really not buy the yaris and go for the altezza, which is a bigger car, a 1.8L engine, and has more extras and comfort.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

buying in amazon, and that trend definitely seems will rise

So, I´ll start tracking what we (amy or me) buy, or are looking at :D

First off, and the first use for the free banco promerica sponsored "aerocasillas" account, is a book amy needs for her residency:

We got it at $75 since Amazon not only sell themselves but also allows you to see other vendors. We got a usps shipping/tracking number and it is on its way to florida from texas :D

Bleach (anime and manga), my pulsar-x, hell I might as well ask what a corolla, elantra and mazda3 are worth, and get married!

So, if you aren´t stuck in anime oblivion, this week we had 2 great bits of news on bleach: first, in the anime, the zanpakatous have finally said "this is as far as we go" and next week we have the fight between ulqiorra and Ichigo! This should be monumental and I´m impatient to see it :D

aaand in bleach manga 411, we finally see aizen battle it out with Isshin (if ever for a brief second, but Aizen did use kido) and we see Gin´s bankai! Apparently Ichigo is not impressed and we should see this fight escalate. The truth is Gin seems to be testing waters only, he´s mighty deceptive...

My pulsar-x should be ready today, after a full clutch change. I´m actually awaiting this with high expectations, since I feel the car will be more responsive now to the power produced by the motor :D they had quoted $300 but final bill is for $220, so that´s good news!

You did see the toyota Yaris prices right? Damn, too expensive for an entry level car. I`m going to quote a mazda 3, a corolla, a nissan tiida and a hyundai elantra just to see where car prices are.

Oh, and battlefield bc2... wow its completely different in multiplayer than the single player game. Helmut (holy.cow, who got me (? am I there yet?) into serious gaming) had told me the single player was crap but I actually had fun with it, but playing online is so much more serious... I´ve only managed to play one night and only got like 1,200 points! But oh well, I´m the new guy and have to learn and adapt.

Aaand... new tag for today. I`m writing this in a separate partition I made for ubuntu 9.1. I can honestly say this is a very easy to use distro - it automatically told me I needed propietary drivers for my video card and the wireless (mine is a dektop, and + wireless it has 2 NICs) and went, found them and installed them. Also, when playing my anime videos, it told me I was missing codecs, found them and installed them. Not even windows is this easy. It did fail to tell me I had to close the video player and re-launch for them to be loaded, but that is the only nitpick in what could be a big time waster. Imagine, so far, I have not typed one single command in the shell and I`m enjoying my ubuntu! Also, nice touch, after asking for my password, I was able to see my big ntfs partition where I keep my stuff.

Today´s saturday after payday, so that means go pay your stuff. I just wish there were smaller waiting lines at the banks... and also, we are looking for a church to take the catholic curse to get married. We are thinking san antonio in guadalupe, or fatima in san pedro. We let Amy´s dad know last Sunday, Amy was real nervous lol but I think he received the news well. He was worried Amy wouldn´t continue her studies, but I guess he doesn´t know us that much... I´m already planning another masters after this one (business administration focusing on finance :D).

Monday, April 5, 2010

cant wait for Bleach, my poor nissan, and so you wanted to know what a Yaris is worth in Costa Rica?

Bleach is at a pretty good moment right now. We had arrancar encyclopedia in the last episode, which just might mean the bleach filler is ending :D :D :D Can´t wait to see tomorrow if I´m correct.

My trusty steed, my 1993 nissan pulsar-x SuperSaloon, which went into maintenance for suspension and rear brakes, is, at the moment, with the clutch pedal to the bottom. Super Servicio called me in and said my clutch cable was about to go off, and I should change it. I said yes. Silly wabbit. 2 days after I pick it up I´m clutchless, no idea why they messed it up.

If a friend hadn´t told me to turn it off, put 1st gear and turn it on, I wouldn´t had made it back to my house. Although, today when I tried taking it out, the engine was dead :( I dunno why it won´t start! It just does *ngh* *ngh* and no ignition.

Aaaand just because I´m a curious little rabbit, I asked how much a new full-electric-package Toyota Yaris is, manual and automatic. 23.5K and 25K. Yes, us dollars. Thanks for the taxes :(