Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oppose PIPA and SOPA

It is one thing to request businesses for compliance and assistance to carry out the law (like a policeman coming into a business asking for assistance when a delinquent did business there) and another is for the business to be responsible for the delinquent's actions. Websites should not be made to answer for a poster's lack of values! That is not how real life works - it lacks common sense!

Internet will likely at some point follow real life (since it's proven you really can't be anonymous in the internet). Let's remember the internet is a big, distributed expression of human behavior; oppose anything that does not make sense!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

La Gran Via in El Salvador

There's nothing like that in Costa Rica. It's really nice.

It's not an outside mall in the traditional sense. It recaptures the essence of walking down the neighborhood, sitting down and having a chat with friends on a bench - but it's lined with shops, restaurants and convenience food stands. It feels very safe, but no one is nagging kids for being on the street. It's very well done :)