Friday, June 27, 2014


I've discovered Twitter recently. So far i'm getting awesome returns on this discovery.

Good ideas:

follow the authors of the books you read
follow publications that you find interesting
follow what you like to keep updated on
participate with respect, when it makes sense
Unfollow that which doesn't interest you

My handle is @arielsanchezmor - see you there :D

Friday, January 31, 2014

a great quote

"Often times the only way to learn focus is to pay the penalty for not being focused"


I have to say this phrase is very true. If you have ever read Eat that frog 

you know that focus is what's important, and when you cannot obtain focus and accomplish things, you literally see how everything breaks apart!

Monday, January 6, 2014

RDP from fedora 20 (and properly installing Remmina)

You can skip to the final line for the needed command, or read through my journey on how I figured this out...

Fedora 20 is one of the easiest to use, most integrated distributions i've experienced. It was quite a surprise for me to find that establishing a simple RDP session would be so convoluted.

In a fresh installation, in software / utilities, you see a program called "Remote Desktop Viewer". Sure enough, RDP is listed as a protocol for connection. However, when you try using it, nothing happens...

turns out if you google around, this program does not support RDP currently...

But there have been previous programs that support this, such as rDesktop and tsclient. However, googling a bit more will tell you that what all the cool kids use now is Remmina with freeRDP.

So how do I install this program? well, with a "yum install remmina" of course! And it installs, but... wow, only SSH and SFTP connections?

Turns out you must install the rdp plugins. This is achieved with a "yum install remmina-plugins-rdp". But nothing happens on the client. Maybe I should close it and re-open it? WTH, it still doesn't display anything!

This post saved my life when I was about to fork into who knows what to get this working. It explains Remmina doesn't quit when you close it... so basically you have to kill the process for it to load the plugins (if you did it in the same order I did)

So, the true way to install this RDP viewer is

just do "yum install remmina-plugins-rdp" as it will install remmina as a requirement and load the RDP plugin correctly the first time you run it.

Hope it helps someone :) it's a good solution so far and offers quite a few options so i'm sticking with it.