Monday, May 24, 2010

crunchy roll - killing fansubs :(

It is with great sadness that I read Dattebayo´s post on the possibility of Crunchyroll acquiring the rights for Bleach.

link to dattebayo´s post

Suffice to say that what I´ve watched in crunchyroll sucks. Fansubs are a very serious things for fansubbers. You can find high quality fansubs at HD qualities very few hours after a release. If the show is popular, download speeds for torrents or DDs are optimal. It really means that anyone in the world, and I speak for Costa Rica, can get to see their favorite show almost in real time with Japan.

There really is no point of comparison between streaming an episode from youtube or downloading a 350+ MB file encoded in h264. I have a large monitor and the difference is painful. One of the coolest things of anime are the visuals, and there just isn´t enough justice done to the anime producers in a streaming version.

This is my public wish: I hope Crunchyroll doesn´t get Bleach. In fact, I wish Crunchyroll stops existing. I would much rather pay Dattebayo for their quality, fast subs that I can download using bittorrent (probably the most effective way of sharing files), than any streaming service.

I wish everything could be free in this world, but hey, people need to eat and be able to build their life. So, I just need to vent, and state that streaming media should not be the future of fansubbing.

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