Friday, July 15, 2011

front panel audio connections for realtek nvidia 680i / cooler master stacker

I will admit I wasn't able to figure out the connections for the front panel audio from the evga manual. With a little more googling and experimenting, I finally sorted it out. It's rather convoluted but it works well now.

The evga 680i (probably an older model by now, but i'm running it pretty well with 8 GB) brings these connections for the front panel (I believe from what I've read this is standard AC 97):

I however had cables that looked like this:

And I just couldn't make sense of it.

After googling a bit I found this graph, which provided a better explanation, from the evga forums:

However I still wasn't sure as to what went where. Had a better idea though.

Now, this post from a user called "Antigod" led me in the right direction. Although the link to his picture is broken, I was able to make out the name of the file as mirage_audio.JPG . He also was right on when he said "do not put ground in 4", as that is actually VCC in a 680i board.

Knowing the file name, i googled images and found it here . Now, don't run and follow this diagram. There is a bit of tweaking to do.

Basicaly, the ground goes to 2, not 4. And, you need to know something else - setting up the software correctly afterwards!

Correct connections:

Once you connect this, you won't get audio either at startup. But rest assured, this is correct. Now you need to go to Realtek's site and get the HD audio software (90 MBs!). Correct, from realtek, not your motherboard's site. I put the link for Win 7 but you can surf to Realtek, choose downloads and then select the "High Definition Audio Codecs" download for your OS.

Once installed, now you have to follow this post to enable the audio - basically, tell the software to separate all input jacks and to disable the front panel detection (you might have guessed this wouldn't work from the pinouts). And once you do, surprise, everything works like a charm :D

As Antigod said:

I hope this thread can help others.

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