Saturday, October 15, 2011

checking out ubuntu 11

I'm selling my PC, and boy has it been fun. Between selecting a pricing strategy (I went with aggressive), coordinating delivery of parts and working around what's left, I've had fun.

When I sold my windows OS HD, I immediately felt a test drive of good old ubuntu was in order, as the install should be much quicker than windows 7 (not just the install but being able to work "out of the box"). I downloaded 11.04 and was up in about an hour (that damn installer still downloads a lot of stuff even if you tell it not to).

Pretty solid. I was able to RDP to my laptop, run fansub videos, browse. Getting skype to work was a bit fun - I'll put that and fail safe decoding Hi10P in another post.

I don't particularly like the new interface - it hides the applications behind at least 3 clicks - but it's not untolerable either. It feels like a tablet lol.

About 3 days into playing, 11.10 came out. I like it a bit better, except that it messed up my codecs a bit. Still, that I have only had to use the terminal for 3 things, is really an accomplishment and a long way traveled for usability.

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