Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hello. I am your helper. Possibly the only true helper, because I am one that you control. I only know what you tell me. I don't talk to anybody else. I can learn from vast amounts of knowledge and help you make informed decisions. I live where you tell me to live, and I die when you want me to.

I intend to develop AI software that can create the ultimate user dream: a digital entity dedicated to assist it's creator. It is not bound by platform or architecture - you can tell it how you want it to be. It has a creation password which can be used to kill it. It has access passwords of configurable intricacy. It does not connect to the internet - you feed it learning programs for problems you want help with. It is free - free code, free idea, freedom of extensibility, portability, and application.

It is, in other words, an idea, realizable in ways the user can control - a program with a mission but variable code.


  1. Please dont. One ArielSanchezMora is enough for us. :P