Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lessons learned #2

If you want to be healthy, the most important thing is that you exercise. Diet is second. Hygiene is essential too.

Your pursuit in life is to find happiness for yourself, which if you are a nice person, may mean also for others.

One professional degree is much better than no degree at all; if you put college on hold, go back, finish!

Work is work, life is life. Even if they intermingle, learn to always know which is which, and give each its proper place.

Companies are not looking for your benefit, no matter what the deal. Read the fine print and learn to live with the lesser of available evils.

Unfiltered sun = vitamin D. Milk is not enough. Supplements for those who hate sun.

Hackers are much scarier than you think.

You can always be better, you can always learn. The moment you think you're good enough, you are already being worse.

Don't lose your hobbies or favorite sport because of work. Make an effort to make time.

Positive thinking, mentally setting up a desired outcome, is essential to achieve long term goals. Learn to train your brain into figuring out how to accomplish what you desire.

On food

Nonfat greek yogurt is amazing.

We eat much more salt than we should. Go on, read and add the labels, find what that "sprinkle of salt" you see in tv means of your daily allowance.

Most diet products are bad for your kidneys and liver in the long run. If you are one of those persons who only drink diet coke (as was I) you are in for a rude awakening faster than you think!

By the same token, if you mean it to be sweet, use sugar; less processed is healthier.

To eat right, cook, measure, plan. Eat a home cooked meal whenever you can. Take it seriously, it's your life after all :)

Pitas, oatmeal and tortillas are amazing foods as well. Bread, not so much.

Dried apricots go great with cereal.

When you can't eat much salt, use ground pepper, all types of spicy and non-spicy peppers, limes, cilantro, basil, parsley, ginger, garlic, etc. Used right, you will almost forget it has no salt in it.

Best cheeses for low salt diets are fresh mozarella and swiss.

Eating out while on a low salt diet is hard. Most sites have their nutritional info on the web, take a long look :)

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