Sunday, March 31, 2013

idea: a life's work

"A life's work" is mainly meant as an effort for humanity, to preserve varying approaches and experiences in many different cultures. For all of those who have lost a mentor, older relative, or dear friend, and the wisdom they embodied, and know the value that was lost, have hope - this is the place where those ideas can be preserved for eternity.

It is very common for some lucky people to be able to put forth their ideas into the mass media, but not as common for ordinary people. This effort acknowledges the accomplishments and life lessons learned by each of it's authors, just because they lived and have something to share, something that took a life of calibration and trail and error, and that the owner considers important. They are preserved in the original language they were written, and any authorized translations are included.

The teachings are as varied as the human experience itself and are never restricted - nothing is censored, ridiculed or otherwise left out. This, after all, are the teachings the author decided to leave to human kind.


It occurs to me this is not a tough website to create and maintain. I might take this on as a project in the future - asm.

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