Friday, September 17, 2010

One thing I've been noticing more and more in this world...

I've recently embarked on removing the huge amount of people I had added to facebook while playing mafia wars, for the primary reason that I DON'T KNOW THEM. Thus, seeing their updates was completely un-meaningful (especially since I stopped playing Mafia Wars when it just grew old on me).

So far the experience has been enriching. I've started seeing the posts from my friends and known ones, getting to know them better and seeing what they are up to. I really like my facebook better now - let's face it, it is a great tool for sharing thoughts, pictures and gossip.

Being the (hmmm, middle aged?) person I am, nearing my 30's, I have noticed the same message from a lot of people near my age:

- People are meddling with my life
- People are expressing their opinion when it's not asked for
- People suck (heh)
- I don't like the quality of people that I considered my friends

And it's... both a shame and the curse of being so widely social thanks to things like Facebook. Do you remember the african proverb, "when you have a true friend, hold on to him with both hands?" I think we really can only make so many good, true friends in our life, and they are very few in total. In the book outliers, it is explained that true experts put in approximately 10,000 hours into their craft to reach that desirable level. Friendship is probably the same way. You must really invest time with that person, live together through various situations and still find each other's company appealing at the end of it, before the people you may consider "friends" today, become actually "good friends".

Thank you, to my friends, both the good and ones becoming "the good". I know our lives can change, but out hearts remain the same.

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