Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is one of the most fun things to see in your blog

One thing I really like about blogspot is that it's integrated with Google. Not because I can use my google account, but because they have such neat, free tools (that everyone else uses to make money). Me, I'm an idealist. I love seeing this report. I think those visits from Costa Rica and US are mainly me and my close friends, since some of us have a US public address at work (although I've seen some from NY and similar which aren't near anyone I know). Spain is probably Carlos, Dominican Republic one of my good friends over there. Canada, I do have some Stream friends, and I put money down that the Nicaragua one is Salvador.

But then, it gets really interesting. I don't know anyone in Japan (my favorite place in the whole wide world) or South Korea (internet mecca). The thought that someone in those high tech countries stumbled upon my blog and read it, makes writing it in English all worth it. I don't know how they got here (maybe because of Bleach posts?) but you are damn welcome to come by anytime, and leave me a comment :)

Costa Rica salutes you, visitors of the world :D

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