Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Wikipedia to me is a very trustworthy information source - even if anyone can edit it. What I love is that since it's made by people, many times even cutting edge or very recent events have lots of information; or very old ones that would possibly not be able to live on the internet if it weren't for wikipedia. I love that there is a sense of responsibility to it, that writers will be checked and wiki documents will be asked to adhere to certain standards for the reader's benefit. I've learned a lot reading it - when I don't know something, I google the subject adding "wiki" to the search string so it basically takes me to the wikipedia article. I find that since the people contributing to an article are passionate about it, the information is very good and can give me a very good idea on a subject since it's also not restricted in any way.

I really hope it can stay as free as possible, but I would not mind if it had a small google bar to the right, kind of what gmail has, so that the site could profit from its vast traffic. I'm sure this way wikipedia could give back to the free software projects that helped it come to life, for example, or simply to be bigger and even more comprehensive.

I really want to thank the people that make wikipedia possible - you have an awe-inspiring job and will be remembered in history as noble, caring humans who helped the world be a better place.

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