Thursday, January 13, 2011

watson, mientras el futuro te alcanza.

You should read As the future catches you just so you can understand why this is so amazing:

Meet Watson . He already showed today he can be the best assistant you can imagine. Today, he is an amazingly complex and expensive computer, owned solely by IBM. Tomorrow, He will be your phone/computer. By that time, you will be talking to one of Watson's descendants, almost more than to humans. He will be the voice in the call centers you reach out to, or at least their aid if you would rather talk to a human. He will be your doctor someday, he will fix your problems, and amazingly, you will wonder what education is really for, if we have this wonderful machines that can answer everything.

This is the first step in making a computer indistinguishable.

The next big breakthrough, will be when a PC thinks without an input. A computer that exists, takes in, communicates, interacts, creates and experiences - basically, lives.

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