Sunday, May 15, 2016

Smarphone interviews with cheap mobile kit - my 1st test videos

I bought this dual lavalier microphone, a cheap bluetooth button and a cheap small tripod to be able to record either a person giving a talk or an interview between two people with my cel phone as the video source.

I'm using the OpenCamera app; the default LG wouldn't work well with the bluetooth button. This app works very well and has plenty of options.

In the share below I've put a pic of the materials, my first test video (yes, I need to put the phone off vibration when doing recordings) and also a test when trying to use only the additional microphone (it records really, really low); finally a test while connecting the 2nd mic on the fly and seeing if there's a big difference between them.

I also tried it interviewing my wife and I think it works very well. The camera is on auto, but it has a lot of settings I can play with if the lighting is not perfect (this is an LG v10). If I am to appear in the interview, I need to figure out a way to tell if the video is properly framed.... since i would be on the other side.

The long microphone is about 4 arm lengths - listed as 2.5 meters. I'm still deciding if I should get a longer one - since the tripod is so small, I may not always have a table at the right height (close enough to the best light for the recording).

I get around 100MB for one minute at 1080 resolution. The video uploads to YouTube directly without issues, and I do get 1080p as a quality option :D

Original files:

Test video one in youtube (I actually edited the end :D ):

Please let me know any tips or other hardware that you think will help; hopefully soon I can start testing this out in the VMUGs, design sessions, etc.

From the Youtube video description:

This video is done with a LG v10 in auto settings (except 1080 and record from external microphone) with the excellent OpenCamera app

Items shown here

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