Tuesday, November 1, 2016

#vDM30in30 11-01-2016 @arielsanchezmor

It's a good idea to read this before reading the rest of this post.


Main thing today was wrangling VMware support to get information on removing weak ciphers, particularly DES-CBC3 (all DES and 3DES ciphers are now regarded as insecure) and disabling TLS 1.0 and 1.1 from VMware products. Good KB to gather a base understanding of supported ciphers is 1018510 


I'm going to setup blogs.arielsanchezmora.com with a Jekyll and Github setup, and basically put all of my blog production through it. I have several blogs - it makes trying to keep up with my blogging work difficult. Also, I will ask Eric to remove the google sites link reference from the vDM30in30 list, and to correctly spell my last name.


LFCS is getting to crunch time. I have both the official Linux Foundation videos and the Plurasight course. I had taken a Redhat class some time ago, but CentOS 7's commands have changed quite a bit.

Also, as part of the blog work, I'm learning about Github, Atom, and the Markdown syntax. My idea is to be able to write from any linux box I stand up - the laptop I'm writing today is Windows but I know I have to learn Linux, and you only learn by really using it, so pretty soon I'll install Fedora or Ubuntu on this laptop.

To-be-blogged topics

-Live reconfiguration of a local virtual disk on a Dell server running ESXi with the OMSA vib
-Weird issue where vMotions fail with a 13% or 14% because of a storage fabric problem

VCDX work

November is month of reading and working on documenting the "project" that will get designed. It's quite a challenge to write down all the circumstances of a project to the point where another engineer can understand it to the same point as you do.

vBrownBag work

-Have to get the latest LATAM posts out
-Need to work on creating a public google calendar for upcoming topics - something easy for people to add to their own calendars. I have my own setup to where it's easy to maintain now here so it should take too much time.

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