Monday, February 22, 2010

Andres Calamaro - Alta Suciedad

Today I´ll talk about one of the best albums by Argentine rocl/pop star Andres Calamaro. Today I found a playlist on youtube that starts off with all the songs from this record. It is is simply amazing, probably the best in his prolific career.

Really awesome album, even if you don´t understand spanish, you will find the music is perfect.

Also, I must say that while being in the outsourcing industry will always give you more insight into the world market than your regular Joe, I´m now reading a book that should be Outsourcing 101: The world is flat by Thomas L. Friedman. Pretty amazing and I´ve just started it.

This book was an assignment for half the class in one of my IT project management master degree classes. The other half, which was me, got assigned one of the best books I´ve read in my whole life: Juan Enriquez Cabot´s "As the future catches you". It is simply amazing. I haven´t found it on pdf, but I did go and bought the last copy from the Libreria Internacional over at Zapote.

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