Friday, February 19, 2010

Google analytics, bleach manga delayed!

With Jorge Ortiz´s help I *think* I added google analytics to my blog template correctly.

Today I was looking for the bleach manga and I learned this week´s has been delayed. Tite Kubo always does that doesn´t he? When the series is at a peak he takes a week off lol. I found his myspace page and turned out finding one of his first mangas, Zombie Powder. Shame that he cancelled it, I was really beginning to like it!

Well now its either sleep or finish my homework on using excel to analyze data :D I really like some of the things I´m learning this trimester, I find it very interesting and enriching as an IT pro. Some of them are using SQL 2005 business inteligence features, learning more about managing costs on projects, and well, about blogging and modern networks :D

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  1. yay :D I got visits from Alaska, Georgia, Florida and Massachusetts! google analytics is pretty cool. you can even know their type of connection, browser, version of flash... Might want to add videos to the blog. Overall, this is an incredible learning experience!