Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday night

And its time to crunch some numbers in Excel (which I'm finding I'm enjoying more since I've learned to use it better). I've always heard a phrase that whoever tells you they know how to use Excel is lying - and they probably only know about 20% of its functions. That people who you would think know excel, have seen people that really know excel, and those guys say they only know 70% of Excel :) .

Today I ran across (i.e., I chatted a bit with) a good friend of mine who also happened to be my boss over here at the best outsourcing partner in the world, Stream Global Services. I dearly miss him and his personality and will write him a pretty nice linkedin review very soon (wink wink) but I wanted to share his blog to my readers (all 57 of them according to google analytics lol). You will notice that probably there wasn't a person more enthused with Barack Obama's election in 2009 lol

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