Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lifehacker for Costa Rica, IT and well.. my life!

Do you know the webpage ? if you don´t it´s definitely something worth seeing. I think the theme for my blog will be something like that... I want whoever reads it to find useful facts that I´ve acquired throughout my life.

Today I´m wondering about a costa rican phrase used when you are selling an old car. "Vender por partes", sell for parts, is a common social recommendation that you will hear when, say, you want to sell your '0ld and beaten down´ 1991 Ford Taurus. It happened to a friend of mine today - he let it go for around $300. Sure, the transmission was stuck on 1st, the steering hydraulics were making sounds and the a/c was a bit off, but I´m thinking the tires and rims alone are probably worth that!

That V6 would have probably made a lot of fun inside a Toyota corolla (wink wink to another friend). So what was left in the back of my head was, "where do you go when you want to sell for parts in Costa Rica?". People make it sound easy but I would have choked if my friend had asked me that.

Also, pivot tables rule in Excel 2007. I have to thank Luis Trejos for that. He showed me how easy they are. Basically if you have data inside a filter that you want to display, select it all, insert pivot table, and place rows and columns where you want. It´s really powerful :)

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