Saturday, November 5, 2016

#vDM30in30 11-03-2016 @arielsanchezmor #BOSVMUG

Well! 11/03 was a day to remember. I can't make it justice on one blog post, but I will try. I got home so late without finishing it that I ended up posting it on 11/05 :p


The Boston UserCon was really good. I'm tempted to say I don't want to miss these ever again. It felt like such a party! The agenda was studded and so many people I respect were in attendance, a whole community series was presented (that's basically where I hung out, tons of good stuff), beginner/intermediate/expert sessions on tracks like PowerCLI and NSX - plus just cool people and all the grub you could ask for (breakfast, lunch, donuts and apple cider thanks to Stormagic, real beers and hors d'oeuvres)! Lots of prizes and super nice stuff to take home. Big shoutout to @steveathanas @vmspot and @JamesMuellerIT for putting in so much love and work into this event (hope I didn't miss a leader)!

I even got someone to stop me in a hall and say "you're Ariel, I follow you on twitter" (that was funny, I've said the same thing to someone else a thousand times!). Turns out they had read and found useful my VMware documentation template (that's single, to date I have only published one). Wow! Someone read it! That just amps me all the way to heaven to continue the series. I should have doc 2 tonight or this weekend. Thanks @KanjiBates - it just meant the world to me :)

A big highlight for me though was being able to hang out with 6 other vBrownBag Crew members - that just doesn't happen in real life (or meatspace, as @mistwire calls it!). If you don't know much about the vBB crew - we're geographically distributed and not close to each other, even if probably half are in the US, so most of the time we talk only virtually through Twitter or Slack. Being able to hug someone or have a beer and just talk nerd nonsense with them is sure nice for a change! Even in big conferences, there's work to be done, or people have commitments, so getting a bunch with a relaxed agenda is difficult :)

I even got to do a #vgeekFFL trade with @NerdBlurt whom I met for the first time in real life. Super chill dude! Those trades are hard to do over the internet, damn geeks don't want to trade...

Seriously thanks to all that spent some time with me today. I had a blast, and hopefully will see lots of you again in the VTUG in January!


I flew in early and flew out late through LGA, which is the quickest airport in NYC. Little did I know that this service was brand spanking new (started 10/31) and it included extra perks since they are celebrating their launch! I got free coffee at Au Bon Pain (man, those chocolate croissants wow), a free breakfast sweet pretzel thingamabob, and on the way back, there was unlimited FREE BEER. I don't know how long this will last but I'm definitely going to try to get on that route again!

Everything else

Was on standby for this day :) got home in time to see my wife and basically prepare for 11/04!

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