Tuesday, November 8, 2016

#vDM30in30 11-08-2016 @arielsanchezmor Updating my site for 2017 vExpert application

Big announcement today was that vExpert 2017 applications are open. They remain open for quite some time, until Dec 16. I'm hoping we succeed in getting a couple more friends in that have been actively trying to get in, and that people that deserve it but didn't apply, don't forget this time :)

The vExpert application normally prompts me into updating all of my website, as when I create my application I make sure to use all the little bits of info I've left in several sections. So, today's post is about my site's coming updates. 

My personal site is just static pages, which means it's relatively easy to update. If for some reason you don't like my website, be sure to read this and leave me a note on how you think I can improve it!

Changes done already

I've updated the Books section, which I had neglected quite a bit. 

Added a new section on a bill of materials to record videos for later publication in YouTube for cheap. A friend of mine, Wences Michel, will try to record some videos in the Mexico DF vForum with a similar setup :)

Coming changes

Three sections I will update at some point are tied to what I will put into my 2017 vExpert application. I like to keep a log like this - it makes the application writing easier, and it also helps fellow technologists to see the things a vExpert can do for the vCommunity.

vBrownBag presentations - I think I'm missing at least one normal and one VMworld 2016 TechTalk

VMUG presentations - this is a bit outdated by now - want to talk of the work done after being named a leader :)

IT certifications - I did get a new VMware certification so I should update that section too!

Once I have it all updated, then I will create my new application. As with last year's I will post it in the vExpert section.

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