Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bleach (anime and manga), my pulsar-x, hell I might as well ask what a corolla, elantra and mazda3 are worth, and get married!

So, if you aren´t stuck in anime oblivion, this week we had 2 great bits of news on bleach: first, in the anime, the zanpakatous have finally said "this is as far as we go" and next week we have the fight between ulqiorra and Ichigo! This should be monumental and I´m impatient to see it :D

aaand in bleach manga 411, we finally see aizen battle it out with Isshin (if ever for a brief second, but Aizen did use kido) and we see Gin´s bankai! Apparently Ichigo is not impressed and we should see this fight escalate. The truth is Gin seems to be testing waters only, he´s mighty deceptive...

My pulsar-x should be ready today, after a full clutch change. I´m actually awaiting this with high expectations, since I feel the car will be more responsive now to the power produced by the motor :D they had quoted $300 but final bill is for $220, so that´s good news!

You did see the toyota Yaris prices right? Damn, too expensive for an entry level car. I`m going to quote a mazda 3, a corolla, a nissan tiida and a hyundai elantra just to see where car prices are.

Oh, and battlefield bc2... wow its completely different in multiplayer than the single player game. Helmut (holy.cow, who got me (? am I there yet?) into serious gaming) had told me the single player was crap but I actually had fun with it, but playing online is so much more serious... I´ve only managed to play one night and only got like 1,200 points! But oh well, I´m the new guy and have to learn and adapt.

Aaand... new tag for today. I`m writing this in a separate partition I made for ubuntu 9.1. I can honestly say this is a very easy to use distro - it automatically told me I needed propietary drivers for my video card and the wireless (mine is a dektop, and + wireless it has 2 NICs) and went, found them and installed them. Also, when playing my anime videos, it told me I was missing codecs, found them and installed them. Not even windows is this easy. It did fail to tell me I had to close the video player and re-launch for them to be loaded, but that is the only nitpick in what could be a big time waster. Imagine, so far, I have not typed one single command in the shell and I`m enjoying my ubuntu! Also, nice touch, after asking for my password, I was able to see my big ntfs partition where I keep my stuff.

Today´s saturday after payday, so that means go pay your stuff. I just wish there were smaller waiting lines at the banks... and also, we are looking for a church to take the catholic curse to get married. We are thinking san antonio in guadalupe, or fatima in san pedro. We let Amy´s dad know last Sunday, Amy was real nervous lol but I think he received the news well. He was worried Amy wouldn´t continue her studies, but I guess he doesn´t know us that much... I´m already planning another masters after this one (business administration focusing on finance :D).

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