Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hugo, my car :D

So! I´ve been out a bit and haven´t done my best updating the blog. This entry is for my car.

After a total of 470,000 (around $900) my new clutch was setup with no drips. All in all, this was suspension, brakes and clutch renewals for my car.

I finally passed Riteve! Those who know it, know that you can´t drive a car if it has not passed Riteve, and well, mine was due October and until now I finally got it :p This is Riteve site if you want to learn more.

Having a new clutch is definitely awesome. Its soft and the car accelerates better since there are less inefficiencies between motor and wheels.

Now, the bad side (as there always is - you would have thought it was the money!). My car alarm acted up after I had the chassis and motor washed, and we had to completely disconnect it. That means my car has no alarm, no remote central locking system, and whatever we did messed up the electrical part, because now I don´t have the navigation pane lights and my stereo doesn´t work.

I guess I´ll take it next Saturday and have all that repaired... also I think my battery is due for replacement since now the charge goes out easily (or it might be the same electrical problem).

In the end though, I still love my car. I find it very appropriate. It is not the best "family" car, since the back seat is not really comfortable, but for my girlfriend and me, it is very dependable and has accompanied us through a lot. Did I ever tell you its named Hugo?

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