Monday, April 5, 2010

cant wait for Bleach, my poor nissan, and so you wanted to know what a Yaris is worth in Costa Rica?

Bleach is at a pretty good moment right now. We had arrancar encyclopedia in the last episode, which just might mean the bleach filler is ending :D :D :D Can´t wait to see tomorrow if I´m correct.

My trusty steed, my 1993 nissan pulsar-x SuperSaloon, which went into maintenance for suspension and rear brakes, is, at the moment, with the clutch pedal to the bottom. Super Servicio called me in and said my clutch cable was about to go off, and I should change it. I said yes. Silly wabbit. 2 days after I pick it up I´m clutchless, no idea why they messed it up.

If a friend hadn´t told me to turn it off, put 1st gear and turn it on, I wouldn´t had made it back to my house. Although, today when I tried taking it out, the engine was dead :( I dunno why it won´t start! It just does *ngh* *ngh* and no ignition.

Aaaand just because I´m a curious little rabbit, I asked how much a new full-electric-package Toyota Yaris is, manual and automatic. 23.5K and 25K. Yes, us dollars. Thanks for the taxes :(

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  1. hey u... poor HUGO!! I hope he is getting better!! I want to show a very intresting link... based on the American Journal of Cardiology 2010;105(2):192-197