Sunday, April 11, 2010

pulsar-x clutch ready and beautiful, my bb got wet, so how much does a corolla altezza cost

Saturday mid day we picked up the nissan and the new clutch is fun and I needed a bit to get used to it. the first time they changed the clutch cable, the gear kicked in at near floor bottom (and it was really uncomfortable) - now it kicks in almost at the last part of the pedal. it is fun though, since I feel like its a whole different car :)

sadly, my blackberry pearl fell into the sink in the night and got under the stream of water :( I dried as best as I could and it does turn on, but the keyboard is not responsive - I´ll go to work and pick up a small star shaped tool to try to do this :)

quoted the corolla altezza, and its only like $2K more expensive than the yaris. I´d really not buy the yaris and go for the altezza, which is a bigger car, a 1.8L engine, and has more extras and comfort.

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  1. yay with only removing the bottom part it works now! The easiest bottom part removal is not like in the video, just use your fingernails (2 places near the clips) to lift the bottom part and not touch the clips, and then push out (doing a bend through the lower part of the phone) until it snaps out of place.