Sunday, April 25, 2010

new things for the house :D

so, since so much time has passed. wanted to give an update of the furnishing of our new home.

We got a used kenmore elite clothes dryer from my friend Manfred. Works like a charm and seems to have been a very good choice when he got it - king capacity, heavy duty sold me lol

An important addition to the house is a printer, and we got a HP C4680 from my friend Alvaro, who has been my go-to person when I need to buy hardware and software. He always makes a great deal for me and brings it to my house, I´ll leave you his e-mail, (his website is not up still).

And my girlfriend heard news a sister of one of her best friends was having a furniture sellout since they are moving into a new home. We managed to pick a small dining room set, a la-z-boy recliner (its heaven really) and a small, rotating couch for some good money.

Overall, our new home is starting to look like a very nice place now. We picked up a plastic shelving unit very similar to this one Gorilla Rack GR5-3012-5IMP 5-Shelf 30-by-12-by-60-Inch Shelving Unit, Black but its a Grossfillex MaximumUp48, which measures 48x70x16. This is for me to put all my junk on and separate it from my significant other´s but I wanted it to remain visible :D

Well, that´s all for now. We´re really looking for ward to get married in October :D

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